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How to establish business relation with

To be our dealer:

Step 1: Know our name, send inquiry and got to know our products by contacting our Sales Representative.

Step 2: Place your fist/trial/sample order after you know the functions of our products clearly.

Step 3: Payment: Small order T/T in advance; big order: T/T down payment first and deposit the left when goods are all well-prepared or T/T the whole payment one time.

Step 4: We usually deliver goods in 7 days after the receipt of payment. Big order is able to be delivered in 2 weeks at latest.

For the dealer, the order quantity is not limited besides the MOQ but you are unable to enjoy the best price we provide for agents. Meanwhile, it is possible that you are marketing our products in your region and your customer contact us directly for quotation.

To be our agent:

Step 1: Know our name, send inquiry and got to know our products by contacting our sales.

Step 2: Place your trial/sample order after you make clear the functions of our products.

Step 3: Discuss on the basis of agent contract such as the responsibility of both sides and make an agreement.

Step 4: It is better that the agent-to-be comes to visit our factory.

For the agent, it must deposit the payment of the first order (specified in the agent contract, usually at least 500 units) before a specified date otherwise we are entitled to sign agent contract of this region with others. Usually the valid period for a regional agent is one year and there is an order quantity compulsory every month. On the other hand, products must be produced and delivered timely to meet the market need in that region.

Special discount for our agent:

A:  The most competitive price is provided only for agents.

B:  Special procures are carried out to protect the market for agents.

C:  Strong technical support is available for agents.

D:  Some products including new launched ones can be sent with the following order as sample for agents free of charge if the agent has successfully explore the market in the region.

E:  Extra margin can be repaid if the agent has finished the task (i.e. mini order compulsory in certain period) in advance or timely.

More detailed information please refer to our agent contract.